This post contains my personal notes about the big ideas in Abby Marks-Beale’s 10 Days to Faster Reading. My book notes are different than. Review: ’10 Days to Faster Reading’ by Abby Marks-Beale. When reading non- fiction, reading a book word-for-word is often a sub-optimal approach: non-linear . 10 Days to Faster Reading PDF Summary by Abby Marks-Beale is your shortcut to acquiring the right skills to master speed reading.

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The biggest barrier to faster reading is subvocalization: Reading word for word may not be the best idea.

We beg to differ! Here are some more great tricks to becoming a better reader: Feb 12, Kevin rated it really liked it. Now marks-beeale adapted their best advice into a comprehensive guide for anyone running a small business.

Speed reading is a skill that absolutely anyone can learn with ease by adopting simple strategies.

Adler and Charles van Rading Since How to Read a Book was first published inthe blank sheet of paper that faces you when you start an essay or report has been replaced by the blinking cursor in a blank Word document. We said that you read your schoolbooks to learn the things that will get you a good grade. Determining what information would help you, what questions you want to answer, and how you want to apply that material will be much easier to recognize useful information when you find it.


No time to read? Stay ahead of the curve with recommended reading lists curated by experts.

10 Days to Faster Reading – Abby Marks-Beale – The Personal MBA

Have a good time! Start off by understanding the purpose of reading. But, she does have some good points on how to become a better reader. Speed is not important. Therefore you should give it a try. The first tells you about the structure, content, and order of the book. This book is based on a metaphor of car racing, and uses a lot readihg concepts and vocabulary from car racing.

That was very annoying. Take note, Abby Marks-Beale! You will get most of this audiobook if you are a average reader reading speed below words per minute. We compile our favorite ideas from the original text. So far I only find the technique of pre-view reading worth investigating.

He is the author of two international bestsellers: To her, reading faster is not a superpower. A book filled with systems on speed-reading, highly reliant upon “props” index cards, ballpoint pens, hilighters, the human finger, etc. You need to sound out every word aloud or in your head.

10 Days to Faster Reading: Jump-Start Your Reading Skills with Speed reading

Discover by category See recently added titles See popular titles. You have to read every word. Ideally, these actions should be directly related to accomplishing one of the goals you had in the purpose-setting step. Finally, the book, although published inis quite dated in spots, especially where reference is made to anything digital. I found pacers distracting, and it was annoying that every single chapter introduced a new variant bg the same concept. Don’t write in your books.


10 Days to Faster Reading

Once you have read through the book, you wish you had used the techniques on the actual book itself. In this book you’ll find all the tools, strategies, and techniques you need to improve 1 memory.

As far as it is concerned, most of the things you read are insignificant. Jim D Johnston Length: Kam Knight Narrated by: She is the founder of The Corporate Educatora leading corporate training organization, and the creator of bt well-known Rev It Up Reading online course.

Oren Klaff Narrated by: There are no grades after you get your diploma. Josh Kaufman Narrated by: