The ActiveReports WebViewer control allows you to easily publish simple reports to the web for viewing in the browser. The client machine will not require. ActiveReports has been the greatest reporting tool for quite some time. Guess what, it’s even better now. ActiveReports(v8) now has an HTML5. Show All Hide All The ActiveReports WebViewer control allows you to easily publish reports to the web for viewing in the browser. The client machine does not.

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In the WebViewer, reports render correctly with the HTML viewer type but they show up blank with the AcrobatReader viewer type on the production web server.

To create an ASP.NET Web application with ActiveReports

The httpHandlers in the Web. The report in the HTML viewer type does activeeeports look exactly like the other viewer types. The WebViewer will not automatically print a report without displaying it.


The WebViewer provides convenience in automating many of the steps involved in providing a reporting solution, but the cost of this automation is a loss of control of these steps.

In order to provide no touch printing in ASP. Right-click your Default Web Site and choose Properties.

ActiveReports 11 Webviewer HtmlViewer | ActiveReports v7+ | ActiveReports | GrapeCity Forums

On the Home Directory tab, click the Configuration button. On the Mapping tab, check the Extension column to see whether.

ArCacheItem does not appear acitvereports the Add button. Change Files of type: In the Extension textbox type “. Click the Limit to: There is a version conflict within the project. Delete the control from the WebForm. Add back the references for ActiveReports.

To use the WebViewer control

Web, making certain that the Version number is the same as the currently installed version. Add the WebViewer back to the WebForm.

There are three add verb tags on that line which indicate the Version. These need to be updated with the version number of the currently installed version. The icons are missing on my WebViewer control.


Using the ActiveX ViewerType, this error occurs: It does not support the following items: Line control Control borders Shapes other than filled rects Overlapping controls Solution: The report is not getting updated with new data. Place the ActiveX Control on the page as an object. Setting the version to -1,-1,-1,-1 forces Internet Explorer to check for updates each time the page is rendered. Setting the height and width to 0 allows you to print the report without displaying it.

Here is the code that goes in the ASPX page. Set the DataPath of the viewer object.

ActiveReports HTML5 Viewer in MVC

This can be anything from a byte array to a hard coded path. This is done by syncing the LoadCompleted event of the viewer. NET 3 Online Help.