Highland Backpacking Trail is an overnight backpacking trail with loops of 19 and 35 km in length. Trail Map. Backpacking Trails of Algonquin Provincial Park. Algonquin Park features three specific multi day backpacking trails, the the official canoe routes map/brochure by Friends of Algonquin Park. Jeff’s Algonquin Provincial Park Map – accurate, beautiful, and a free download. Where to find all of the secret unofficial routes, trails and portages that’ll help.

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Take advantage of the lookouts, even if this means a trqils side detour. It offers a very unique hiking experience. It is also a test of character: Where can I find information about accomodations in and around Algonquin Park?

Plan your campsites strategically so that your hiking days are within your abilities. Terrain is fairly challenging if you’re carrying several days of supplies but not that rewarding as it doesn’t lead to any terribly special locations. Those were some backpackinf my thoughts as we were nearing the end of our three day backpacking trip at Algonquin Provincial Park. We woke up to the drip of water from the trees. Only encountered 1 other hiker another solo female going opposite way.

Algonquin Park features three specific multi day backpacking trails, the most popular and longest one is the Western Uplands Trail. This unique structure offers a series of swimming pools and a natural rock slide. Psrk may end up driving thereinstead.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Wonderful trip report — I really liked how you summed up the overall backcountry experience in your first two paragraphs!


Technically challenging trail with many hills, rocks, streams, roots; beautiful campsites along Head Lake and Harness Lake! Pretty typical backcountry loop for central Ontario. What are the most popular tours in Algonquin Provincial Park? They were very close together and both were perfect with ample room for tents, easy access to water, and beautiful views all around.

Backpacking in Algonquin Park | Algonquin Provincial Park | The Friends of Algonquin Park

I haven’t experienced the backpacking trails of Algoquin Park, Qlgonquin S, but I’d recommend you consider a canoe trip instead of a backpacking trip. Centennial Ridges Day Trail Centennial Ridges Trail is a very demanding 10 km loop trail that affords spectacular viewing along two high ridges.

Mizzy Lake Trail is an 11 km trail that requires an early start and a full day to do properly. On the easy-to-walk 1. There is something extremely satisfying in using your own body to transport yourself over long distances, knowing that everything you need can fit into a backpack on your back, realizing that all that exists at the moment is the climb right ahead of you, connecting with the ground under your feet every step of the way.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Spruce Bog Boardwalk Trail is located at km I slipped the backpack off my shoulders, took off my boots and stuck my aching feet into mp cooling waters of Oxtongue River.

Highland Backpacking Trail

The last few years have seen high waters with sections of the trail washed out and difficult to navigate. We studied the wiggly line trying to imagine the route we had to cover in the next three days. Daniel Hefford recorded Highland Backpacking trail. Make certain you seek out up to date trail conditions before setting out.


Definitely want to go back, maybe as part of Loop 2 or 3 or trai,s on its own. Barron Canyon Trail is a 1. Trailhead to Maggie Lake — Killarney is another favourite of ours, and I see that you are well acquainted with it as well.

Every product purchased comes with our AO Warranty Plus backing it for the first 60 days! The guide explores the ecology of a typical Algonquin lake. Great and easy trail, some wildlife and great campsite on the lake!

What Algonquin does have is a vast and beautiful network of canoe routes that can take you deep into a wilderness of rocky lakes and wildife-rich wetlands, along with a canoe rental industry that services almost every possible access point in the park.

This guide discusses the geology of the Park. Another great trip report! Our first major stop was backpackimg Maple Leaf Lake about two and a half hours later.

Happy Trails this year! It is such a perfect activity, simple and satisfying although quite often challenging.

Day Hiking Trails

Just an FYI some friends and I copied your itinerary this past weekend. The trail is rated as pxrk and offers a number of activity options. Barron Canyon Trail is located at km And at the end of the day, as you take inventory of your aching body parts, discovering muscles you never knew existed, you gain deeper appreciation for your body and what it can do.