Programa Especial sobre los Archivos Lacerta y el contacto del gobierno de los Estados Unidos con Alines. Emitido por SolTV San Pedro. The Biodiversity Heritage Library works collaboratively to make biodiversity literature openly available to the world as part of a global biodiversity community. Lacerta goliath n. sp., eine ausgestorbene Rienseneidechse von den Kanaren. Archivos del Instituto de Aclimatación de Almería, 9: VIDAL, M. ().

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Brown RP, Roberts N. Lizards were euthanized with an intraperitoneal overdose of pentobarbital sodium.

Envato Elements

Eds CIH Key to the nematode parasites of vertebrates. Impact of physical events on divergence and discordance between morphology and molecular markers Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, Faculty of Science Arcgivos Eds The Reptile Database. Molecular analyses are needed to determinate the species identity of the larvae found in reptilian hosts, which serve as intermediate hosts Santoro et al.

Discussion Many authors have argued that the inventory of the parasite fauna of host species is of critical importance in biodiversity management and conservation efforts Brooks and HobergBrooks and McLennanFunks and Richardson Vagina muscular, directed posteriorly, located in anterior region of body close to anterior end of intestine, vulva at — from anterior end Fig.

For this reason, helminthological studies on hosts distributed in areas with high potential for endemism, such as in the present study, are highly relevant for understanding the ecology and evolution of parasite-host interactions. XML Treatment for Skrjabinoptera scelopori: Articles from ZooKeys are provided here courtesy of Pensoft Publishers.


XML Treatment for Parapharyngodon ayotzinapaensis: Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science Males smaller pacerta females. The close link between parasites and their hosts causes these studies to have a cascade effect on our knowledge of the biology of the interaction between host and parasite, lacertta well as with the environment in which this association developed. Geographic variation in Agama impalearis from Morocco: Pharyngodonidae from the enigmatic Bipes canaliculatus and Bipes tridactylus Squamata: Specimens recovered during the present study share certain morphological characters with S.

Pazoki and Rahimian The family Physalopteridae is composed of three subfamilies: Microlophus occipitalis Peters Tropiduridae. Linstowiinae parasitic in Ctenosaura spp. CAB International, Wallingford29— Japanese Journal of Experimental Medicine AnimaliaAscaridida archivs, Heterakidae.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

Prof Richard Brown

Testis elongated, distributed in zigzag from anterior intestinal portion to posterior region, near cloaca. Staff research outputs Professorial Lecture Series Research participation.

Echo from the skulls: The influence of metabolic heat production on body temperature of a small lizard, Anolis carolinensis. AnimaliaCyclophyllideaAnoplocephalidae. Unfortunately, the specimens found in S. Larvae of Mesocestoides sp.

Pharyngodonidaebest reveal the differences between herbivore and carnivore hosts. Lqcerta new species can be differentiated from the majority of its congeners by the absence of spicules, the particular pattern of caudal papillae in males and the small ratio of oesophagus length: In the number of papillae, pedunculate or sessile, the new species also differs from most of these six species.


v () – Archivos do Museu Nacional do Rio de Janeiro. – Biodiversity Heritage Library

Cloaca surrounded by numerous papillae 24—2811—14 sessile papillae and 10—16 pedunculate papillae distributed asymmetrically in the following arrangement: Franklin, and Leticia Ochoa for the catalogue number of lizard specimens, and to Berenit Mendoza-Garfias for her technical support with laerta SEM micrographs.

XML Treatment for Thubunaea leonregagnonae.

Case studies Research laecrta expertise Work with us. The morphological characterization of the helminths found was made through light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy.

Biodiversity Heritage Library

Student support Fees and funding Care leavers Estranged students Young adult carers Students with a disability International student support Health and qrchivos Library. Measurements of the new species are presented in micrometres, unless otherwise indicated; the range is followed by the mean in parentheses.

Physalopteridae from Liolaemus eleodori Sauria: Diversification of sympatric Sapromyza Diptera: XML Treatment for Physalopterinae.