Her books of poetry include The Cow (), which won the Alberta Prize from playwright, and translator Ariana Reines earned a BA from Barnard College. The Cow by Ariana Reines, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Daisy Lafarge. [Spoiler alert: discusses later scenes of the adaptation of Stephen King’s novel Carrie]. “I’m gonna bash your little head in.

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You have got to sometimes become the medicine you want to take. Whatever she is so full of it. Want to Read saving…. What happens to the world when a body is a bag of stuff you can empty out of it. A sense of urgency with what poetry can do or be in the death throes of the 21 st century seems to increase towards the end of the book: An asshole with a mouth. This wraps itself around a discussion of language and truth. This is one of the more disturbing and disgusting books of poetry I’ve ever read.

The Historical paw-print: thoughts on Ariana Reines’s The Cow

You have got to learn to get sick. Maybe nobody wants to kill you because of what they think you are, or rape you, or treat you like a piece of shit. My grandmother died two days ago. The beauty makes me feel it really happened The sky had rfines in it they glittered like calories upon the world. Hospital workers, like prison guards, handle the humans they have to handle for their jobs like germs and animals.

arkana I am afraid of hags and I am going to be one. They are very Catholic even though they are very atheist. Join us to support engaged discussion on critical issues. Can a book carry you into the world you have to pretend doesn’t exist most of the time, can a book carry you back out into what first made you alive.


Reines reinforces this in the acknowledgements page at the back of the book: We drove through mountains of trash until we got to this one place where you got to dump your shit, all xow the sun baked it all into a perfect souffle of stink. The patron saint of hag writers is Marguerite Duras. Ode to Failure Stacy Szymaszek.

The Cow by Ariana Reines

What difference does it make how a thing dies. I should have insisted on certain things. Urgency and sincerity are real.

Weekly Poetry Newsletter Boston Events: However, even a stiff book that is perfect and total is still a sieve that you pass yourself through. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Shit makes you pass out, it makes you reinse. Reines writes these bold, disgusting, but sometimes really hopeful poems– and that mix is so so good! Jun 06, Jamison rated it liked it. The day has a hallmark, the night also. The Cow is a mother, a lover, and a murdered lump of tge, rendered in the strongest of languages.

The Danger of Sucking. Maybe you don’t need an I. By now a lot of people know about Reinds Bataille, the Acephale, teines that. His gallstone is a tombstone for his dead friend. As well as writing, performing and teaching, Reines is also a medievalist and professional astrologer; the mystical intertwining of which go some way towards understanding her sibylline poetics that shift fluidly between multiple styles, epochs and registers:.


Also, there was an emphasis on shit. Lists with This Book. I have felt that writing should be dirtier and more excessive. Her smell makes me crazy.

The formal in broken, wild manic clipped lines, in borrowed material from John Ashbery and the Merck Veterinary Manual, in long digressions and expletive laden outbursts and literal violence to traditional and contemporary poetry “While American poetry dissolved its I the starvational and massacred bodie Holy Jesus.

You might have noticed the absence of paywalls at Boston Review. I hope at least her professors were pleased with it. None of this is to say that I think Reines is even remotely untalented. This book starts out politely invitational and theoretical, but something terribly scatological happened about 20 pages in where the lingua bacteria exponentially multiplied. Are horrific acts necessary? I am speaking clearly because I am going to explain why sometimes THE COW speaks clearly and why sometimes it is a voluptuary, a vat of mushy ideals and disgusting feelings.

The Cow | Boston Review

Apr 23, Joe added it. I like the opportunity to challenge my sensibilities, and Reines is a great writer to rejnes to if that, too, is your objective. The inclusion of BSE was masterfully done, and in no way underplays the irony of a disease that consumes the brain because livestock had been made to consume other animals in a strange mindfuck twist on the circle of life.