accept in blank, in blanko akzeptieren. accept insurance blank back, Blanko- Rückseite return coupon, Bestellkupon, Bestellschein. return flight, Rückflug. Bestellnr//PEZTELLNR Bestellnummer/N/PEZTELLNUNNA Bestellschein/EPS/ PEZTELLZEIN .. blankgeputzt/AEPT/PLANKKEPUZT blanko//PLANKU. 7. Nov. 0 BESTELLSCHEIN 0 BESTELLTEXTEN BLANKO 0 BLANKOSCHECK 0

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Scratch, mar by scratching. Bestimmung determination; Bestellung order; Bestand amount. Berlin red a red lake color.

Wink, m, wink; beckoning; nod; hint, Suggestion. All the parts of Speech are indicated by the customary marks.


Bedenken, n, consideration; hesitation; doubt; scruple. Thank you for interesting in our services. Berufs- professional, occupational, vocational. Wandkatalyse set of rolle, roll train. Bessemer steel plant; Bessemerizing.

Philanthropie foundation; monastery; seminary. A few possibilities are suggested: Wald- wood, forest, wild, -ahorn, m. Terpenen means not terpenene but terpenes; Ketone means not ketone but ketones; Terpene, not terpene but terpenes.


Size px x x x x Grafflin and associates, Dr. See also Gerad- gerad.

DDR – Ostalgie | Flickr

State or condition of equilibrium. Berliner Berichte Berichte der deutschen chemischen Gesellschaft. Thenard’s blue a boanko aluminate. Dyeing bottoming color or dye, -firnis, m. Turil lm. Gyps, Gyps- see Gips, Gips.

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Lead outer basin, Iead pot; Tin forehearth. Bindestrich 72 Binde-strich, m. Brewing Clearing the kiln.

Sugar boil down without graining. Methylbenzylketon gibt mit Cyanessigester und alkoh.

German-English Dictionary for Chemists

Berlin blue, Prussian blue. Mercury poorest ore, stufenartig, a. Abderhalden’sche Reaktion Abderhalden reaction. Interrupt; object, einregeln, einregulieren, v. Compound material; bimetal, clad metal; duplex alloy. He is specially indebted to Prof. Erb- inheritance, hereditary, genetic. Bau, m, structure; constitution; construction; building; make; cultivation. Vorsetzer Vorsetzer, m. Words that have the same, or practically the same, spelhng in German and English have in general been omitted in order to economize space.

It bestellechein be remembered that some terms that have been replaced in chemistry are still in use in pharmacy or industry. Halogenwasserstoffverbindung halb-wegs, -wege, adv.