We have 6 Billion BiPAC GX Series manuals available for free PDF download: User Manual, Quick Install Manual, Quick Start Manual, Specifications . BiPAC (G)X(L) Series Network Router pdf manual download. Also for: Bipac x, Bipac g, Bipac gx, Bipac xl, Bipac g. 3G/ADSL2+ (g) (VPN) Firewall Router. BiPAC (G)X(L) Series Network Router pdf manual download. Also for: Bipac x, Bipac gx, Bipac.

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Wireless wireless Router Only If not, please refer to your Windows-related mqnual other operating system manuals. Statistics for this VPN Connection. Basic Installation The router can be configured with your web browser. This is the IP address you wish to block access to or from. Enter the subnet mask of peer network based on the Peer Network IP setting.

The value entered will limit the speed of the application that you identified. Lan – Local Area Network The connection will be disconnected when there Is no traffic in a predefined period msnual time. Make sure you have uninstalled any software firewall for troubleshooting.

Page of Go. Click Apply to enable this function. When the Active checkbox is checked, the function of Edit and Delete will not be available. Wait for the configuration. You may 740gx other configuration options for the web administration interface using Device Management options in the Advanced section of the GUI. The secure password length should be 16 characters which may include numbers and characters.


Billion BiPAC GX Series Manuals

Ensure that all other devices connected to the same telephone line as your Billion router e. When using PAP, the password is sent unencrypted, whilst CHAP encrypts the password before sending, and also allows for challenges at different periods to ensure that the client has not been replaced by an intruder. It is user-friendly and comes with on-line help. If the IDS function of the firewall is enabled, inbound packets are filtered and blocked depending on whether they are detected as possible hacker attacks, intrusion attempts or other connections that the router determines to be suspicious.

An Ethernet straight or cross-over cable can be used directly for auto detection.

There are four keys for your selection. Specify the type of ethernet filtering performed by the named bridge interface. Use ESP for greater security so that data will be encrypted and authenticated. Over time this software may be improved and revised, and your router allows you to upgrade the software it runs to take advantage of these changes. More than 5 DDNS servers are supported.

Pure Bridge Profile Port: Problems With The Lan Interface See the Status section of this manual for more information. Bioac the packet is high priority, it will flow first.

Billion BiPAC 7402G User Manual

Information From Your Isp The name of the 3G card. If the previous PC forgets to logout, the second PC can access the page after a user-defined period, by default 3 minutes.


A name that identifies an existing rule. Users who do not understand the features should not attempt to reconfigure their router, unless advised to do so by support staff. Pptp point-to-point Tunneling Protocol User manual click to download. You will first need to register and establish an account with the Dynamic DNS provider using their website, for example http: When the Network and Sharing Center window pops up, select and click Manage network Enter the username provided by your ISP.

Normally, it is the text in your email address before the ” ” symbol. The new port filter rule for HTTP is shown below: A given name for this connection. This is a given name of the connection. A given name for the connection. The trigger of check can base on IP protocol, port number and address as well. If you wish to run a server on your network that can be accessed from the WAN i.

Only use the power adapter that comes with the package.

Default is set to Disable. The only difference between these three security levels is the preset port filter rules in the Packet Filter.

The routers are installed in the head office and branch office accordingly.