Ct Manual. Comtrend corporation CTT Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Comtrend corporation CTT User Manual. AC-IG User. CT ADSL2+ Wireless Router User Manual Version A, September 11, Preface This manual provides information related to the. Comtrend CTT Router. Below you can view and/or download the English PDF manual of your Comtrend CTT Router. Couldn’t find the manual that.

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You can enable or disable the wireless LAN interface, hide the network from active scans, set the wireless network name also known as SSID and restrict the channel set based on country requirements. Page 78 Channel Drop-down menu that allows selection of specific channel Rate Drop-down menu that specifies the following fixed rates: Enable a service by ticking its checkbox. Login Procedure Perform the following steps to bring up the Web user comtrrend and configure the CT Subsequent chapters will introduce the other main menu options in sequence.

Comtrend CT Default Router Login and Password

Input Internet access user name MAC: Yes Spanning Tree Algorithm The exact legal name of your organization. Therefore, if this test fails but you are still able to access the Internet, there is no need to troubleshoot this issue. The factory default configuration can be restored manuxl by pushing the reset button for more than five seconds or by clicking the Restore Default Configuration button on the Restore Settings screen of the web user interface.


If you lose all access to the web user interface WUIyou may ctt-5361 to close the browser, wait for two minutes, and then restart the WUI. After the device reboots, the Device Info screen should appear. Click the Backup Settings button to save the current configuration settings. You may select every PVC or just a subset. The front and back panels are TR compliant, which means they are color-coded for easy installation and use. Xpress Technology is compliant with draft specifications of two planned wireless industry standards.

If remote kanual is ct-53611, view system log will not be able to display events saved in the remote syslog server. For optimum performance, the modes selected should match those of your ISP. Enable WAN Service checkbox: These access services are available: Close the device Configuration window and wait for 2 minutes before reopening the browser. Before a station enters power save mode, the station needs the beacon interval to know when to wake up to receive the beacon and learn whether there are buffered frames at the access point.

Before you enable it, configure the IP addresses by clicking the Add button. Firewall Stateful Packet Inspection Refers to an architecture, where the firewall keeps track of packets on each connection traversing all its interfaces and makes sure they are valid. Despite this, the identity of the client is mmanual verified.

This document is subject to change without notice. A maximum of 60 MAC addresses can be added. Current channel shown to the right. AP Clients hear the beacons and awaken to receive the broadcast and multicast messages. The column headings above are described in the table below. Access Ip Addresses 9.


Comtrend Corporation – OTT STB,IPTV STB,GPON,VoIP,IAD,ADSL2+/ VDSL2 Multi-DSL,PLC

When a Routing interface is created, Enable Firewall must be checked. Data transmitting or receiving over WLAN.

If you experience a high packet error rate, try to slightly increase the Fragmentation Threshold. The following screen will display.

Comtrend Corporation CT-5361 User Manual

You will be prompted to define the location of a backup file to save to your PC. Each group will perform as an independent network. All other frames on this interface are dropped. Select an Application User should select the application from the list. The Remove button will remove the grouping and add the ungrouped interfaces to the Default group.

The following screen will be displayed Enter destination IP address.

Comtrend CT-5361T Router

If the router stops searching before you complete Step 5, then return to Step 4 and try again. The Internal port is required only if the external port needs to be converted to a different port number used by the server on the LAN side. Click Next to display the following screen.

Your can reset your Comtrend CT in the following way s:. The Add button prompts an entry field that requires you type in a MAC address in a two-character, 6-byte convention: Select Low, Medium or High. In addition, do not walk on, step on, or mistreat the cord.