This manual, the infamous KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation, dated July , is the source of much of the material in the second manual. KUBARK. Essential Guide to Interrogation and Torture: CIA KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation Manual, Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual, Art and. KUBARK Manual: A User’s Guide to Torture? – The KUBARK manual was written by the CIA in the s as a means of standardizing interrogation techniques.

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Whenever a person is talking about a subject of consequence to himself, he goes through a process of advance self-monitoring, performed at lightning speed. Sometimes such people actually commit crimes in order to confess interorgation be punished.

Click here to cancel reply. Even a rough preliminary estimate, if valid, can be a boon to the interrogator because it will permit him to start with generally sound tactics from the beginning – tactics adapted to the personality of the source. Establishing rapport is kubaek important when dealing with this type. It is a protective defense mechanism. Once questioning starts, the interrogator is called upon to function at two levels. The nine major groups within the psychological-emotional category adopted for this handbook are the following.

The initial advantage lies with the interrogator. Agents, for example, are accustomed to being questioned repeatedly and professionally.

KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation – Wikisource, the free online library

Such opening remarks by subjects as, “I know what you so-and-so’s are after, and I can tell you right now that you’re not going to get it from me” are best handled by an unperturbed “Why don’t you tell me what has made you angry? If during screening or any other pre-interrogation phase it is ascertained that the source has been interrogated before, this fact should be made known to the interrogator. Army and CIA interrogation manuals are seven controversial military training manuals which were declassified by the Pentagon in However, the 5 percent of the noncollaborator sample who resisted actively – who were either decorated by the Army or considered to be ‘reactionaries’ by the Chinese – differed from the remaining group in precisely the same direction as the collaborator group and could not be distinguished from this group on any variable except age; the resisters were older than the collaborators.


In his view, he is dealing with the important topic, the why. As regression proceeds, almost all resisters feel the growing internal stress that results from wanting simultaneously to conceal and to divulge.

MDR for Full Text of July 1963 “KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation” Manual

Therefore the base, station, [one or two words deleted] should not assign as chief interrogator a person whose availability will end before the estimated completion of the case. Defectors from hostile intelligence services, doubles, provocateurs, and others who coounterintelligence had more than passing contact with a Sino-Soviet service may, if they belong to this category, prove unusually responsive to suggestions from the interrogator that they have been treated unfairly by the other service.


If resistance is slight, mere persistence may overcome it; and detailed questioning may follow immediately. Both the Coutnerintelligence and the Chinese have used this trick effectively. Feeling that these misfortunes were undeserved, the exceptions regard them as injustices that someone or something must rectify.

Like the guilt-ridden character, the schizoid character may be an unreliable subject for testing by LCFLUTTER because his internal needs lead him to confuse fact with fancy.

The second cause is that some sources are resistant “by nature” – i. Detention makes a number of tricks possible. During the opening phase the interrogator will have charted the probable areas of resistance by noting those topics which caused emotional or physical reactions, speech blocks, or other indicators. In dealing with this type — and to a considerable extent in dealing with any of the types herein listed — the interrogator must be aware of the limits and pitfalls of rational persuasion.


The quick release of the new material is a signal lesson in the value of using, when appropriate, the MDR request.

Moreover, it is a visible link to the outside; its presence makes a subject feel less cut-off, better able to resist. A-2 But the entire chapter on coercive techniques is still provided with some items crossed out. School of Americas training manual titles [1].

The Globalization of U. The Nature of Counterintelligence Interrogation B.

U.S. Army and CIA interrogation manuals

The main advantage of transmission is that it enables the person in charge of the interrogation to note crucial points and map further strategy, replacing one interrogator with another, timing a dramatic interruption correctly, etc. Interrogation sessions with a resistant source who is under detention should not be held on an unvarying schedule. When the claim is ignored or denied, the exceptions become rebellious, as adolescents often do.

Typically he has a long history of being promising and of almost completing a significant assignment or achievement but not bringing it off. In either event he seeks constantly some proof or external indication that the guilt of others is greater than his own. He is also likely to make an unreliable agent because of his incapacity to deal with facts and to form real relationships.

The number of systems devised for categorizing human beings is large, and most of them are of dubious validity. He may, in fact, exhibit most or all of them from time to time.

At the first meeting with the interrogatee it is usually a good idea for the interrogator to spend some time in the same kind of quiet, friendly exchange that characterized the screening interview.