By Wolfgang Borchert · View Translated Work ↑. Das hohle Fenster in der Da lag ein halbes Brot. Und eine Blechschachtel. Du rauchst? fragte der Mann. Europe Germany Hamburg. Wolfgang Borchert () is a German short-story writer and playwright. He is considered to be the. Die klassischen Kurzgeschichten “Das Brot” von Wolfgang Borchert und ” Saisonbeginn” von Elisabeth Langgässer: Kompetenzorientierter Unterricht, Analyse.

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This contrast has the function to connect the foreground and background of the story. Der hatte ein Messer und einen Korb in der Hand. Then it was quiet. As she did, she would always rub her feet against each other, because the borcheet were so cold.

The legs were so bowed with age that he was able to look straight through them. Wenn es dunkel wird, schon. How old are you, then? Hot summer You are commenting using your Facebook account. She breathed deeply and evenly, on purpose, so that he would not notice that she was wofgang awake.

The story describes an everyday situation in post-war Germany. Vor allem die Jungen. December 10, Reply. He just turned four. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It was too quiet and as she ran her hand over the bed beside her, she found it empty.


He was a lot smaller than me. The next evening she prepares dinner and gives him an extra slice of her ration of bread under the pretext that in the evening she can’t take the bread all that well.

Rats Sleep at Night

She lifted her hand to the light switch. Europe under the gun Some are still very young. But otherwise it is still entirely as it always was, white and blue. Du kannst sie sehen. This has nothing to do with the bombs. She got up and groped bot way through the dark apartment to the kitchen.

Wisps of dust played in the light between the smokestacks. Das kann ich nicht sagen. But the man couldn’t hear him anymore.

And bear in mind our kitchen was tiled. The old man carried a knife and a basket in his hands. No part of this web site may be reproduced, published, distributed without written permission of the author. He ran with his crooked legs into the sun. Er ist doch viel kleiner als ich. He had a very old face, but as he approached, it was noticeable that he was actually only about twenty.

Will Ukrainian people have a proper Christmas? Then he said slowly to the clock, into the white and blue round face: Then the old man said and his weak legs shifted uneasily as he said it”You know what? Then I’ll go home with you, okay?


The story was published for the first time in in a literature magazine called Das Karussell. I’ll have to teach your father how to make a rabbit hutch. When the bomb goes down, the clocks stop. She saw how he wolfgsng deeply over the plate.

The kitchen clock | The Rhino Column

Wir haben auch noch Bretter zu Hause. And she sat for such a long time with me, until I was full.

The fact that the protagonists are not presented by name and the place is not named either, shows that the author’s aim was to make the story relevant for different times and places.

Behind the rock was a half-loaf of bread. But he had a very old face. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Then he said slowly: On the cold tiles. You are commenting using your WordPress.

He had a very tragic fate, and he died at the age of And his basket swung excitedly back and forth.

Da sagte der Mann und seine krummen Beine waren ganz unruhig dabei: