David’s Story has ratings and 19 reviews. Melissa said: I read this book for a class, and I can say it’s definitely not an easy read. However, as I b. David’s Story (Women Writing Africa) [Zoë Wicomb, Dorothy Driver] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The publication of You Can’t. As richly imagined and stylistically innovative as Wicomb’s debut work,David’s Story is a mesmerizing novel, multilayered and multivoiced, at times elegiac, wry, .

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As he points out, Barry Lindsell, a fourth-generation descendant of Andrew Flood, cannot live a normal life. Significantly, as Driver, op.

But David soon wucomb that he is on a hit list, and, caught in a web of betrayal and surveillance, he is forced to rethink his role in the struggle for “nonracial democracy,” the loyalty of his “comrades,” and his own conceptions of freedom. Davld right at the end of the apartheid era, it’s about a man who has been a member of the Movement is having difficulty figuring out what to do and whom to trust.

In other words, it legitimizes the hermeneutic procedure through which the somatic traces of what is assumed to be tainted blood constantly invoke the moment of original sin which brought with it a lapse from racial purity.

However at this time many come together whose views are quite different and become uniformly defined to promote the greater good. Love is a main component in her refusal to speak.

It does not belong to this line, in that it cannot be contained and determined by the aesthetic of Downloaded from http: She has masculine traits but can not be defined as masculine, nor is she asexual as she desires David.


I wash my hands of this story.

David’s Story – Zoe Wicomb – Google Books

Our models remain inadequate. Dulcie, a member of a guerilla unit, must sacrifice both her voice and her sexuality in order to be part of a liberation movement.

Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social wivomb resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

In itself, of course, this preoccupation is not unusual in Western culture. Through voices and stories of David and the women who surround him—responding to, illuminating, and sometimes contradicting one another—Wicomb offers a moving exploration of the nature of political vision, memory, and truth.

David’s Story

Kunapipi, Volume 24, Issues Snippet view – There is artistry in that, I guess, but in the end, one sho It was very, very hard to make sense of this book. But David finds that the Struggle is not over: But while engaged in the primi- tive employment of drawing water, a dispute arose between two nymphs, who instantly, like Irishmen, began to box most furiously.

Finally, I contend that Wicomb responds to this question by con- sidering the impossibility of wiconb the body in the absence of dis- course. Will I ever be heard above the rude buzz of the bluebottles?

Zoë Wicomb and an examination of representation and femininity in David’s Story

Want to Read saving…. Nov 15, Maralise Petersen rated it really liked it. This shows that the subaltern then can not speak in this manner or at least not fully articulate what they have to say in such an organized and regimented form. Text and Reception in Southern Africa, 15, 1 In differentiating coloured from white, coloured from black, and black from white, somatic appearance obviously played a crucial role.


I need at least one more reading to grasp this book and maybe I’ll never totally understand this novel since its intertextuality and story are so complex. Lynn Leopard rated it liked it Dec 28, According to Gilman,34 blacks, in the European view of humankind presented by the great chain of being, occupied an antithetical position to whites on the scale of humanity in all respects, including sexuality and beauty.

Oct 17, Melissa rated it really liked it. The representation she finds within the movement is wholly inadequate especially in her self as woman.

The virus of secrecy. What he does not find, in other words, is that which is mediated and displaced by medical discourse, stoy the subaltern body.


Likewise David has a similar identity crisis. Dulcie a female activist becomes the key for both the narrator and David. The eavid of the liberation front encompasses many different individuals who in times of peace would perhaps be allied against one another in varying representations. Zoe Wicomb does an amazing job capturing the culture during this time frame.