A Presentation On Organizational Structure: Departmentation . of functional and project or product patterns of departmentation in the same. Departmentation – Management. 1. DEPARTMENTATION 2. INTRODUCTION Departmentation is a part of the organizationprocess. Departmentation By Task Force When organisation takes up different projects, it forms task forces, which consist of people from different units.

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Departmentalisation : Meaning, Need and Types

This is possible through shift duties. It can simplify the tasks of management within a workable span. Stopping growth by selling the firm. Available under Creative Departmemtation 4. Are entrepreneurs born or made? Allows economies of scale: The employees become so focused on departmental goals that they lose sight of the overall organisational goals.

Secondly, herein managers work as facilitators, coaches and mentors. Other factors affecting supply chain management. In the case of departmentation by numbers, the activities are grouped on the basis of their performance by a certain number of persons. Inventory reduction to expose waste.

Notes on Departmentation: Meaning, Importance and Basis | Organisation

For-profit depsrtmentation versus nonprofit marketing. What is global marketing? However, there is a theory developed by James Thompson about what is the best way to do it. This method is suitable for large-scale organisations who can afford its cost. The process or equipment used in producing a product or service may be the basis for determining departmental units.


The process of organising consists of dividing and grouping of the works to be done in an enterprise and assigning different duties and responsibilities to different people. Choosing the right relationship. Managing differences in organizations.

This develops their potential to be promoted to higher managerial positions in the organisation.

Some of the important bases are given under. The product model vs the marketing model.

Elements to job design. About the chapter editor. As the business grows, its organizational structure is heavily influenced by function people grouped with similar responsibilities deparrmentation, process people involved in similar processesproduct people building a specific product or projects members of departmentatioon project. CSR and corporate strategy.

Case, example of product failure: Political and legal risk for the small business entrepreneur. People are placed in different departments according to their specialised skills. What will I sell? Market research to determine the potential market for funeral services in Monterrey, Mexico.


IS tools for the start-up organization. Grouping based on the type of clients their work is ultimately sold to. Departmenation to main content. Threat of new entrants. The focuses in functional structure remain on specialisation, and in divisional structure it is on the results.

With growing size of organisations, departments are created for activities of similar nature. Once the firm decide of the base for departmentation, the next thing to be decided is how many employers be put under one manager to whom he can efficiently and effectively direct? The sun rise of your new business – Accessing market opportunity: Departments are created on the basis of products and product manager has the authority to carry out functional activities for his department.

Projedt and receiving feedback. Read this article to learn about departmentxtion Departmentalisation. Foundations of successful relationships.