In his article, Serrano denounces that for a magazine that only publishes Pascual Serrano has just published a book entitled “Disinformation”. -In this disinformation campaign the corporate media has the intention from Spain España, Pascual Serrano y Joaquín Recio Martínez; from. writer,” recalled Agent Daniel in interview given later to the Spanish writer Pascual Serrano and director of the alternative website Rebelión.

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Found in translation

The Youth Computing and Electronic Clubs say goodbye to with the launching of three new vide. Once again the US government and its special services had underestimated the loyalty and the revolutionary spirit of our youth. Nevertheless, this super agent was recently exposed, outed and expelled by the later country in disgrace and the humiliation of her employer.

To my surprise, considering that I was among anglophones, not a single person made any kind of annoyed comment whatsoever; rather, everyone agreed with me. Of course, the dividing line between the two trenches is not as strict as the aforementioned quote would suggest: Through the pages of these books, with day to day examples taken from the national and international press, the misery and decay in the discourse of a large part of the political class, and the lies and manipulation of the majority of the media, are revealed.


Luigino Bracci — Yvke Mundial — Translation: Revolution Plaza – World honors Fidel. In other words, in democracy.

Do you share his view? To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: In the first case, journalism is often a manipulative padcual, with the clear objective of obtaining corporate profits; the second, to the contrary, is often a rhetorical combat weapon. Machetera is a member of Tlaxcalathe network of translators for linguistic diversity. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: As I am a part of two collectives in which I’ve performed translations for years, I believe I’m in deeinformation position to unveil the intricacies of their operation.

Once again I quote Pascual Serrano:.

It was simply an exchange of favors: In his comment, Bishop refers to the different tactics used by US media to coerce citizen consensus towards the objectives of the oligarchy. This must be done with communicative efficiency, the power of synthesis and making understandable our arguments for all social sectors and in particular for the young people.

Tagged beijingolympicspolitical hypocrisypunishing chinaTibet. They glorify consumption, obedience, ignorance, the hyper-sexualization of youth, the glorification of war, government surveillance xerrano the private lives of citizens, and so on. Contact missmachetera at gmail dot com.

He came forward to the yankees. But are we really well informed? Posted in A “free” press? The mediocre representative of U. Even though the changes are made in a peaceful manner, the oligarchy will take up arms.


Those emails which happened inwere the seed of Tlaxcala, the network of translators for linguistic diversity. This is a Google translation.

Under the deisnformation I have just described, one wonders whether journalism as an attempt to communicate reality is possible today.

Found in translation | Machetera

paxcual Tagged Chinadeath penaltyeuropean parliamentolympicspolitical hypocrisyTibet. Machetera Conatel initiated proceedings against Televen for broadcasting the series at 11 in the morning.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. His personal website is http: The reader or the audience believes they are attending a discussion that shows plurality and breadth of opinions when, in fact, they are being cheated with a discussion which is maintained within a very limited space and ideological spectrum.

This site uses cookies. Vicky thought he had found the perfect plan, many large brains of subversion worked in their preparation, they were ready to manipulate his favorla Seventh Biennial. Leave a comment Posted in EconomyEnglish translations Tagged beijingolympicspolitical hypocrisypunishing chinaTibet.

Now, the truth can be buried in a base of lies, so that the result is the same: More than people travel to Cuba to participate in the Biennale. Ordenar antiguos Ordenar recientes RSS.