Although D. noxia feeds on leaves and flowers/seedheads of grasses, it appears to inject a polypeptide toxin that affects the entire plant (Hewitt et al., ). The Russian wheat aphid, Diuraphis noxia Kurdjumov, is one of the most important pests of small grains throughout the temperate regions of. The genome of Diuraphis noxia, a global aphid pest of small grains. Nicholson SJ(1)(2), Nickerson ML(3), Dean M(4), Song Y(5), Hoyt PR(6).

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Diuraphis noxia (Russian wheat aphid)

Bulletin of Entomological Research, 80 2: Russian wheat aphid-biology, damage and management. Effect of initial colony size on the per capita growth rate and alate production of the Russian wheat aphid Homoptera: Diuraphis noxiaaphidswheatbarleykeys.

Results confirmed those of previous insect phylogenetic analyses [ 21011335355 ] that demonstrate an ancient branch point between insects and arachnids and an early divergence noxiia paraneopteran insects represented by the hemimetabolic insects D.

The toxin released inside the plants causes the plants to become discolored and can appear white, purple, and yellow to the naked eye. Aphidoidea captured with suction traps in Castellon, Leon and Salamanca during Grass species vary in suitability for D. Genes involved in insecticide activity and endosymbiont-derived genes were also found, as well as genes involved in virus transmission, although D.

In contrast, Reed et al. Plant growth stage, temperature, and their interaction affect D. Journal of Agricultural Entomology, 10 1: The threshold of development is around 4. The genetic mechanisms of resistance in various accessions has been investigated Du Toit, ; Nkongolo et al. Negative numbers indicate lineage-specific expansions in D. It also attacks oats Avena sativa L. Biocontrol News and Information, 12 1: Southwestern Entomologist, 17 4: Feeding-related genes Aphid feeding requires a balance of specific salivary components to suppress or mitigate plant defenses throughout the stylet probing and feeding processes to allow sustained feeding on host plant phloem [ 6465 ].


In the Crimea, D. Aphids rapidly radiated as parasites of flowering plants following the spread and diversification of angiosperms 80 to million years ago [ 12 ].

It also has significantly fewer detoxifying and defensive genes in comparison with A. These mechanisms are not present in all insect lineages [ 41dikraphis82 ], and are notably lacking in Nixia. We performed a phylogenetic analysis of CYP protein sequences from D.

ADW: Diuraphis noxia: INFORMATION

Integrated Pest Management Integrated pest management IPM based on sampling pest density before deciding whether or not to treat requires cheap and rapid sampling plans for determining pest densities and accurate assessment of economic impact of these densities. Molecular characterization of the Aphis gossypii olfactory receptor gene familes.

Aphid parasitoids Hymenoptera, Aphidiidae: Characterisation of an Aphid-transmitted virus disease iduraphis small grains. Cytosine methylation is the definitive mark of epigenetic regulation in eukaryotes, but occurs only in the CpG context in insects [ 38 ].


Aphididae on barley in central Ethiopia. Feeding by this aphid will also cause the flag leaf to turn white and curl around the head causing incomplete head emergence. No predators are known to have established. Aphid feeding on susceptible genotypes causes chlorosis and longitudinal streaking of leaves, and emerging leaves remain tightly rolled, which traps spikes and prevents their normal development Mornhinweg, Although nymphs and adults are very unlikely to be transported alive on harvested grains or fodder, overwintering eggs could be transported in this way.

Ixodes -specific orthologs are present only in I. Influence of aphid lethal paralysis virus and Rhopalosiphum padi virus on aphid biology at different temperatures.

Distribution Maps of Pests. Searching activities by coccinellids on rolled wheat leaves infested by the noxua wheat aphid. Horticultural control RWA populations were three times higher on late sown January than early-sown October wheat, showing that sowing date is a crucial cultural control method for RWA.

Diuraphis noxia

Biological Control The limited evidence available suggests that indigenous natural enemies in South Africa and in the USA have had little impact to date on D.

J Plant Growth Regul. The percentage yield loss from D. Incidence and population fluctuation of Diuraphis noxia in Hungary.

Kalina V, Stary P,