xsltproc and libxslt are not specifically dependant on DocBook, but since a lot of people use xsltproc and libxml2 for DocBook formatting, here are a few pointers. The docbook-html5 project is a set of XSLT stylesheets for transforming DocBook 5 Examples given here use xsltproc, an open source cross-platform XSLT. Reason: missing introduction (Discuss in Talk:DocBook#) xsltproc /usr/share/ xml/docbook/$(pacman -Q docbook-xsl | cut -d ‘ ‘ -f 2 | cut -d ‘-‘ -f.

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To download Saxon, go to http: The profiling stylesheets perform the normal DocBook XSL processing after doing the profiling step to select the content to process.

If it does not already exist in the list, then select New. For example, if you set the stylesheet parameter profile.

On Windows, use the Control Panel to open the System icon, where you can set environment variables for Windows. If you are using more than one profiling attribute, you will need to set a parameter for each one.

Java versions Product name Java Versions Java 1. If you have a different platform UNIX or Mac, for instancethen you need to contact your OS docbook to see if they make available an up-to-date Java runtime environment. To use xsltproc, you specify the location of the main stylesheet file and your DocBook document, as well as any options and parameters:.

DocBook XSL: The Complete Guide

Installing an XSLT processor. If you are running a recent vintage of Linux, there is a good chance you will already have xsltproc installed on your system. But you may want it for other stylesheets. The result of the first command is a file named myfile.


This file is not needed for DocBook processing. If these steps proceed without error, you should be able to run this command to test it:. The following table lists past and current Java versions:. Program listings Formatting listings Tab expansion Fitting text Full-width examples Reducing font size Breaking long lines External code files Missing text Using XInclude for text inclusions Annotating program listings Line annotations Line numbering Callouts Callouts on imported text Callouts on graphics Syntax highlighting Chapter In the current implementation, single-pass profiling is handled with customized versions of the DocBook stylesheets.

The options are listed at http: Two-pass processingin which you use a separate stylesheet that generates a profiled version into a temporary file, and then you process that temporary file with the standard DocBook stylesheet or customization.

Installing an XSLT processor

Glossaries Glossary formatting Glossary formatting in print Linking to a glossary entry What about link and xref? You can find out which Java is on dkcbook system by executing java -version.

If a parameter value includes spaces docbkok special characters, put it in quotes. However, there is no harm in turning them on. Positions callout markers in programlistingco and screenco based on the area xsltptoc.

For example, if you want to select elements whose profiling attribute os has the value linuxyou would set the stylesheet parameter profile. Any for which you do not will have all versions included in the output, which is probably not what you want. You can set any number of stylesheet parameters with multiple -param options.

The XSLT C library for GNOME

The options will fail if the xercesImpl. You need to include the full path to the necessary.


They are enabled by setting various stylesheet parameters. Bypassing the old Xalan installed with Java. That optional step is included here too. It is a graphical interface to xsltproc that lets you browse for filenames and set options and parameters.

As of version 2. If you cannot find a precompiled version of xsltproc for your platform, or if you want the very latest version, then you can compile it yourself from source. They are not needed for DocBook processing.

If you want to be able to examine the effects of profiling on your XML content, then use two-pass processing and examine the temporary profiled version.

The section on installing Saxon included an optional step for downloading the Xerces parser. Xalan’s installation process depends on which version of the Java runtime you will be using to run it. The following table lists past and current Java versions: By default, the profiling stylesheets will output all elements, whether they are marked with profiling attributes or not. xsltprpc

docbook-apps message

Preface What is DocBook? Saxon is distributed as a zip file, so you need to unzip it into some suitable location. Switching all cross references to use olink would permit you to use single-pass processing.

So your system must have a Java processing environment for it xsltprod work. You can select only the packages you need.

That compiler is generally available on all Linux distributions, and is also available for many Unix systems.