likes. – Student Effort is Required. DynaNotes streamlined science TEKS student course notes for grade 5, grade 8, and biology ?. Student Progress Inspires It. DynaNotes tools are designed DynaNotes streamlined science TEKS student course notes for grade 5, grade 8, and biology ?. PDF & Print Permissions, Grade 8 Science Streamlined SCNs $ Biology EOC Streamlined SCNs Booklet $ PDF & Print Permissions, Biology EOC.

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How can I delete users or reset user passwords? The good news is that, through a site license, your students will see they have access to all the notes, even in classes where teachers may not be xynanotes their utility. Science teachers may use these photos to teach students about erosion, in this case powered by moving water.

DynaNotes digital subscriptions have been priced with the knowledge that most campuses are keen to use a subset of our notes, such as only the math notes. Permission to use these resources is hereby granted to teachers for classroom use only.

How can I erase all the notes? We’ve just been notified that our website and email were down for 20 hours while we were exhibiting at ASCD. This creek flows into Lake Marble Falls.

Every eligible TEKS expectation is clearly explained with upgraded examples and graphics in a concise, colorful, student-friendly way to enable and speed student understanding, retention, and recall. You can register your completion at appsupport dynanotes. If you get an error page when attempting web access, close your browser, test another website, and bjology again.

Your device is now ready for password-free student use. Customers can now enjoy the benefit of viewing training presentations at their own pace.

The sooner yours does, too, the sooner you can start using these concise, clear summaries of the eligible TEKS. Students can record clarifications, more details or examples, questions, mnemonics, first language support, and even website addresses.


Getting together in small groups to “play” with DynaNotes Plus on your own tablets, especially in conjunction with other apps your school or district has provided, is an excellent idea, too. Extensive photo notes transform the DynaNotes student course notes into a student’s personal course journal. FAQs How do site licenses work?

Student Course Notes

The immediate thing you can do is email the link to your students so that they can copy and paste it into a text note for that section if they have note-taking functionality via the app on iPads or Android devices. It will immediately be available via web-based access.

Thank you for your understanding. Use the administrator login code behind the gear icon on the app’s home page to access password-protected users. Long-time homes near Johnson Park Fully close the app and reopen it.

Give your students the same advantage so many other schools have: Any combination of eligible devices used by students, teachers, and administrators at the licensed campus can be set up with app access or utilize the web access.

This customer is saving a bundle with our new offering compared to what she was going to buy of our legacy materials, so she’s happy, too! If you need help this holiday week, please email us: Afterwards, students and educators shared these thoughts: This means that DynaNotes digital subscribers can get to the DynaNotes course notes and the pre-linked third-party websites in many sections of content using Windows Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.

Be sure to view all six parts in slide show mode and click the speaker icon to hear the narration. First Spotted Lanternfly Confirmed in Maryland. If the subject is within the scope of your site’s license, then the site’s devices will gain access. Afterwards, students and educators shared these thoughts:.


While site-wide licenses provide the most bang for the buck and included special discounts, single subject licenses are now also available. My app closed on me or will not open properly. Sections of this page. If the link is added, it will be included the next time you “hard close” DynaNotes Plus and then open it again if connected to Wi-Fi.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience. How can I add or delete a link? See more of DynaNotes on Facebook. Total app usage data is captured by DynaNotes Plus. Yes, a password-protected, narrated teacher training presentation in six parts is available for customers below.

Student Course Notes

Brand new course notes dynqnotes, such as those caused by a change in the state’s curriculum, will be added to the app’s menu and to the web access menu as soon as the new materials are published. Teachers can get a lot of use from just a few devices in a classroom, too. Will devices receive free updates? DynaNotes added 2 new photos. You can create an eQuote or we will be happy to create one for you.

Submissions may be retracted at any time by contacting DynaStudy in writing. For web browser access dynanotess. Please let us know using the app support form if these steps do not address your needs. If the app is deleted, the login credentials will have to be hiology one-time process. DynaStudy is not responsible for content removal outside of www.