Ensayo sobre la ceguera has ratings and reviews. Brad said: Not at all disturbing, not at all compelling and not at all interesting, Jose. Saramago, un escritor que se ha convertido en la conciencia lúcida de una época cegada por los mecanismos del poder, lanza una llamada. Ensayo sobre la ceguera es la ficción de un autor que nos alerta sobre «la responsabilidad de tener ojos cuando otros los perdieron». «Dentro de nosotros hay.

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If you’re looking for Meaning and Allegory and a litany of the Inhumanity of which Humanity is capable, this is the book for you. Let’s find one quote though. Valuables first, then women.

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On top of Saramago’s technique, I just don’t think the story itself is that groundbreaking or interesting. Saramago shoehorned in left and right, or at least had the decency to have a character actually say it instead of just having the narrator tell you exactly what to think about what is happening.

LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. The first thing the fictional government does when identifying this contagious blindness is what any of us would do, right? One of the women in my book club described this book as tormenting her, and I think that’s an apt descriptor.

Ensayo sobre la ceguera / Blindness

Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. I only got a third of the way through the book before I gave up out of disgust.

See all books by Jose Saramago. Blindness – Buddy Read Discussion 30 10 Dec 06, But there’s a problem with that: And it was clear from within the first few minutes of the novel–when the narrator blithely announces that “blind people do not consult cegurra ophthalmologist”–that Saramago had very limited experience with what it means to actually be blind.


There is one character who was blind before the plague, and he reasonably has skills the other characters don’t have–by which I mean he reads ka writes braille. He called out those tropes as kose harmful to the lives of blind people, noting that they left “audiences already conditioned through folklore and fable to believe that blindness brings out the worst ceguerx people,” and criticized the medical and assistive literature of the day for accepting them wholesale and promoting the view “that blindness is not merely a loss to the eyes, but to the personality as well—that it is a ‘death,’ a blow to the very being of the individual.

Now imagine the whole book features seven characters stuck together at all times. And on and on and on.

Ensayo sobre la ceguera / Blindness by Jose Saramago | : Books

I would have given it two stars if not for a certain section two-thirds of the way through. Conditions disintegrate very quickly in the blind compound because, in addition to being blind, people are apparently also no long able to enssayo themselves, do any sort of cleaning or maintenance, organize themselves in any way, and seem unable to care about anything beyond the immediate personal needs of food and sex.

The only things I can say I liked about it are the concept of a world gone blind, and the first few chapters that follow patient zero through his experiences after being struck by “white blindness” while waiting at a red light. Sight in Blindness isn’t only necessary for identity; it’s also essential for empathy: What a predictable dumb plot.

The author establishes his Literary yes, this is a Capital Letter kind of book credentials by refusing to give any of the characters names, and then pointing that fact out over and over with comments about how names no longer matter, etc. Inprominent disability ceghera Kenneth Jernigan gave a speech at the National Federation of the Blind annual conference entitled ” Blindness: I wonder what blind readers make of this novel?

Rape in exchange of food.

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I’m including both quotes to indicate that, even aside from the offensiveness of its portrayal of blind people, I think this is a poorly written book; it’s repetitive and redundant and in desperate need of an editor. That to be blind was to be dead, and vice versa. Read it Forward Read it first. Ignore the blind man with the gun, he can’t actually see you to shoot you!

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I really had high expectations for this book. I would have This book disgusts me. There is no limit to how bad they are at surviving. The style is fine, I didn’t mind it What gets me is not the rape or that the author thinks it would occur in this situation. The only thing I did like is the idea behind the book, and the clever message Jose Saramigo wanted to deliver, but for me, the sobde was really off.

Blindness – Buddy Read Cguera. Critics praise this book for confronting the horrors ebsayo the 20th century.

Another thing, if you take the book as a parable, which given the fact that the author was a life long communist seems reasonable, then the blindness could be daramago result of cultural brainwashing, i. I try as hard as possible not to give only 1 star to a book, because I know that a person worked hard to bring said book into the world for people to read and enjoy.

Reading this passage you well and truly get the sense ceguea there is a definite lack of experience but not only that there is a hidden voyeurism about it as if the author can’t quite decide whether what is about to occur is meant to be secretly sexy or horrific. Just semi interesting artsy stuff.