Teacher and novelist François Bégaudeau plays a version of himself as he negotiates a year with his racially mixed students from Entre les murs (original title). Entre les murs (Collection Folio (Gallimard)) (French Edition) [Francois Begaudeau] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The book that. Entre les murs: Scenario de Francois Begaudeau, Laurent Cantet et Robin Campillo [Laurent Cantet] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Tutta la narrazione si dipana come uno sproloquio per voce sola, che registra, ma non analizza, non spiega, non motiva.

Return to Book Page. They also have differing viewpoints on the students themselves, and how best to praise and discipline them. Cantet risked much by concocting such a schoolroom drama because his film would be judged against other great pictures in the genre: And yet if what he’s after is that awful youthful inability to convey one’s emotions and thoughts, especially at the remove of a second a language And, teaching is a lot easier when you can lecture, order dictation, and go off on infinite tangents without so much of a whiff of administration interference.

All the journalists from all the countries who’ve interviewed me told me they had a terrible time at school. He blows off students with serious questions about the material and difficult life situations, parents who are trying to have a real and honest conversation with him, and staff who are as negatively like-minded as he is.

Success comes when he asks the pupils to write a self-portrait. The Class is a babbling novel of unembellished dialogue. Sun is setting on Havana.

Liking very much Laurent Cantet as a director I guess how I would appreciate more the movie based on this book than the book itself. Since I’m unlikely to see the movie, I thought it would be interesting to read.


Since many of the scenes are very funny, one can read this purely as a tragi-comic farce, but underlying it all is the dilemma of how to teach a diverse group effectively, as implied by the twenty-two probing questions on best practice which form one chapter. That’s only the first surprise the film pulls on the viewer. Archived from the original on 15 July This clearly shows us that there are “issues” in education everywhere.

Entre les murs (novel) – Wikipedia

Yes, there are voices — lots of voices: I always wonder what gets “lost in the translation. Carl, who has been excluded from his previous school. Everyone on the shoot was miserable by the final take.

The novel is a larger form than the memoir.

A loner, he walks the narrow line between maintaining discipline and gaining co-operation. Finally, I hated the hipster tone the author adopts, which I cannot believe is completely attributable to the translator.

Why, given you have no professional acting experience, did Cantet cast you as the lead? Can we go back to the days of Aristotle or do we prefer to learn under the teacher who “dictates”? But that is the truth of the classroom, or at least part of it.

I cannot blame the author for having presented himself as a slightly angry teacher, who becomes more and more disillusioned as the year progresses, who insults his pupils, tries to shake them a little bi I know that the French Education Nationale is facing many troubles, but when one does not want to be a teacher, one should not become one. Several students get expelled, though not so much for specific infractions but rather their general attitude and lack of respect and for occasionally acting out — though it all seems extraordinarily tame by American public school standards.

Entre les murs (novel)

Caroline Benjo Carole Scotta. Not the translator’s fault, but dialogue about kids misspelling and mispronouncing words don’t carry over well. The Class – Canada. The New York Times. There have been a spate of books, movies, and books made into movies that dissect the teacher-student relationship – “Freedom Writers Diary,” “Stand and Deliver,” etc.


Entre les murs

The Class was made into a successful and acclaimed film, and it is well possible that on-screen presentation of the figures adds that third dimension so conspicuously absent on the page.

From the start, wide differences are apparent in the class over standards of dress, deportment, knowledge and application. He worked on the screenplay of Entre les murs, a film based on his novel, in collaboration with Laurent Cantet.

With every page I turned I liked him less. But it was done as well as possible and it didn’t really interfere with the. But then there’s his side of the story: The book is forthright in showing when teachers and students make mistakes. I always wanted to have a proximity with the children, not to be above them – even if that meant showing my weaknesses.

The film is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. No characters stood out, and there was no excitement.

May 24, Anne-Charlotte rated it really liked it. He thought the film was nostalgic. To a casual film goer, the movie would resemble a live recording of a high-school class of boys and girls with a teacher probing the minds of his students, made up of different backgrounds, races, religions and representing various continents. Nov 21, Delphine rated it really liked it. And that is what The Class does. The first thing he does before the term begins is figure out how long his sentence is: You’re so stupid sometimes, m’sieur.