The detailed maps, combined with comprehensive signage, ensure that riders can hop onto an ATV and enjoy the trails with confidence. The complete guide to all ATV trails across the province including which The Haliburton Highlands area is renowned for scenic and majestic. Long on my bucket list of ATV trail systems to experience has sat the Kawartha Lakes ATV Association & Haliburton ATV Association. key chains and other treasures were maps of both KATVA and HATVA’s trail systems and.

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Along with the HATVA map, topo maps, crown land maps and snowmobile maps are a neccessity for adventures and they should be cross referenced as required to insure private land owners are respected. Some trails are smooth and flat, like forest access roads, which are great for new riders.

Simply click the link below to enter. Sometime during your ATV adventure you will either find a view that will compel you to pull your machine to a stop in order to soak it up or a heart-pounding obstacle that requires skill and experience to navigate. Sign up for the BRMB newsletter and receive tips, ideas, deals and more! About 10 km further down the railtrail from Haliburton is the beginning of another ATV trail system named after the lake that this trail system accesses. Trail difficulty varies from forest access roads to extreme deep woods paths that require winches as standard equipment.

Human InterestCommunityWhatsOn. Numerous dirt roads and secondary pathways criss-cross the region, giving you access to a variety of scenic trails.

Haliburton ATV Association has one of the largest mapped, signed and insured trail trai in Ontario. There are old logging roads stretching in every direction from Atikokan.

X Enter keyword s to search for the articles,events,business listing trwil community content. Ride through the forest, take on some challenging climbs, cross bridges and explore abandoned mine sites — the Voyageur Multi-Use Trail System has it all.

Boasting the largest mapped, signed and insured trail system in Ontario, there are over km mi of trails to explore around Haliburtonwith connections to other trail systems adding up to over 3, km 1, ft of rideable terrain. Retailer Information Product Catalogue. There are hundreds of kilometers of abandoned logging roads and unmaintained trails to explore here, leading you across streams and swamps, among glacial rubble and Canadian Shield rock-scape, kap numerous small lakes and into some pristine forests.


With a well-earned reputation as an ATV riding paradise, the Cochrane area is full of remote and rarely used roads that stretch in all direction, giving you access into the deep wilderness of Northeastern Ontario.

Trails & Map Books | Haliburton ATV Association

Halibugton County of Haliburton invites joggers, walkers, hikers, horseback riders, ATVers, cyclists and snowmobilers to come on out and experience what the Haliburton County Rail Trail has to offer. The Rail Trail is opened exclusively to non-motorized use April 2nd to May 1st. Registration includes a box haaliburton and dinner for the first night, and there is free camping jap for those wanting more comfortable wtv, motel accommodations are nearby at your own costs.

Many trails follow old logging roads and railroad beds, and some of the best riding areas often contain fishing and camping opportunities as well. The association also installs signage that points out areas of historic or natural importance.

And even though you will feel like you are deep in the wilderness, you are never more than 30 km 19 mi from town. If ridden slowlytwo-up riding is possible on these trails.

A highlight of these trails is a very pleasant look-out over the lake, a great spot for a snack break. The trail is reserved exclusively for snowmobile travel between Dec 1-April 1; other means of travel or trail use is NOT permitted on the rail corridor during this time period.

All of these villages have fuel, food, and public washrooms, and most haligurton accommodations. If you haven’t provided a display name, your first name will be displayed instead. ATVing offers a rare blend of exhilaration and the calming tranquility of nature.

You can ride for weeks here and never hit the same trail twice. Some trails — haljburton suited for the most hardened, adrenaline-fuelled riders — lead into the deepest woods one can imagine, where trees grow so densely together that sunlight barely reaches the forest floor and where the terrain is so rugged and primeval that winches must be considered standard equipment.


Haliburton County Rail Trail

Please avoid special characters excepts: Traill now on MuskokaRegion. Maps of the HATVA trail system are highly detailed and user-friendly, and they need to be because many of the trails run deep into the wilderness.

Snowmobile trails on private land are not open to ATV’s at any time of the year. Ma is a large and wild area, so be sure to bring extra gas, your GPS and a sense of adventure. The printable map above shows some of these trails, including GPS co-ordinates of significant trail intersections and trailheads.

These are the Miserable Lake trails. Another 4 km south on the rail trail is a second halibburton leading to the same massive tract of Crown land. The scenery is so dramatic that every once in a while you feel compelled to pull your machine to a halt and take a few moments to simply soak up the pristine beauty. All three of the above trail systems are connected via a wide variety of trail types, making possible more than enough atg trail loops for 3 or 4 days riding with no trailering.

Good physical condition required. Did we halbiurton your favourite place to ATV in Ontario? Subscribe for newspaper delivery of the and online access to for the relevant news you need from the local source you trust.

It is highly recommended that you tour with a club member that knows the trails.

This page is having a slideshow that uses Javascript. Image courtesy of Northwestern Ontario Backroad Mapbook. Image courtesy of ATV.

Only a relatively small percentage of halihurton members come from Haliburton. Let us know in the comments below or share your ATV adventures with us on Instagram using brmblife for the chance to be featured on our feed and win prizes.

As an association we have successfully pursued Highway Traffic Act changes with the Municipality that allow touring via road access linkages.