The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) provides Work/Life leadership to the Federal Government by partnering with Federal agencies to help them develop. Federal Retirement Moving ChecklistMoving? Use this tool to help you prepare for moving and then conduct any relevant transactions after your move. (Source: Introduction to the Position Classification Standards, TS, July ) ://

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Series in this group are: All positions classified to a student trainee series should be titled Student Trainee followed by a parenthetical title consistent with the occupational field involved; for example: Typical duties include investigating, identifying, and documenting client needs; lpm needs, proposing options and, working with the client, developing specific solutions; developing design documents, including contract working drawings and specifications; and, as appropriate, managing design projects performed in-house or by contract.

The work performed concerns, and requires a practical knowledge of, market structure and trends, competitive relationships, retail and wholesale trade practices, distribution channels and costs, business financing and credit practices, trade restrictions and controls, and principles of advertising and consumer motivation. The work requires the development, analysis, and selection of appropriate information and presentation of the information in a form and at a level suitable for the intended audience.

This work requires professional education and training in the animal and related natural sciences, and knowledge of the principles, methods, techniques, and procedures applied in the investigation, and solution of zoological problems. Duties may range from work which involves group leadership and giving practical guidance on day-to-day activities to residents in a Government facility to work that involves training or employment opportunities.

The work requires the application of particular regulatory and procedural knowledge that is based on those laws. Such positions may be located within an operating health care facility or at a higher organizational echelon.

The work may include research, field investigations, laboratory analysis, library research, wwe or consultative work, preparation of reports for publication, curation and exhibition of collections, or development and implementation of programs and projects that carry out such work.

All positions in this series require specialized knowledge of highway safety programs and the factors that influence highway safety gv the safe performance and operation of motor vehicles. The work requires knowledge of the structure and function of the human body, environmental influences, human development, fedclss and psycho-social dysfunctions, and skill in developing treatment plans to teach new skills, restore performance, or learn fsw6914 skills.

Such kpm are covered by the Federal Wage System. Student trainee positions should be classified to the XX99 series for the appropriate Occupational Group,etc.

Technician work in cytology involves preparing, staining, and examining microscopically specimens of body fluids, secretions, and exudations from any part of the body to determine whether cellular structure is normal, atypical, or abnormal. These positions require knowledge and skill in the operation, maintenance, or manufacture of aircraft and aircraft systems.


They collect, select, compute, adjust, and process data; prepare charts, exhibits, and reports; and perform related fedclasw supporting professional planning work. These positions involve the administration, supervision or hytp of one or more of the following functions: The work requires a knowledge of prescribed procedures, established techniques, directly applicable guidelines, and pertinent characteristics of regulated items or activities.

It also requires the ability to apply investigative techniques, and to negotiate constructively and persuasively. Office of Personnel Management 78 Tax Law Specialist Series This series covers all classes of positions, not classifiable in any other series, the principal duties of which are to administer, supervise, or perform quasi-legal technical tax work requiring analysis and application of tax principles and specialized knowledge of the Internal Revenue Code and related laws, court decisions, regulations, and precedent rulings of the Internal Revenue Service, not requiring legal training equivalent to that represented by graduation from a recognized law school; in such functions as: This includes work on the internal processes such as assimilation, photosynthesis, translocation, or transpiration that are involved in vital functions; or on the influence that one or more environmental factors, such as humidity, water, light, mineral nutrients, and temperature have on these functions and processes.

Accounting theories, concepts, principles, and standards address these types of duties: The work requires knowledge of legal and fedclaxs provisions governing U.

Handbook of Occupational Groups and Families – [PDF Document]

These fedflass require a basic knowledge and understanding of one or more of the natural or social sciences, engineering, or military science, but do not demand, as a primary qualification requirement, full knowledge of the current fws914 of the art.

Office of Personnel Management 97 Document Analysis Series This series covers all classes of positions the duties of which are to direct, administer, supervise, advise on, or perform technical work in examining and identifying questioned documents. This series does not include classes of positions described in, and classifiable to, the Contact Representative Series, ; Orthotist and Prosthetist Series, ; or Speech Pathology and Audiology Series, ; although incidental performance of some elements of the work of these series will not remove a position from the Prosthetic Representative Series.

Some positions in this occupation are involved in programs that deal with the identification of and communication with disadvantaged persons requiring employment assistance, the provision of necessary assistance and support through counseling, education, training, and their placement into suitable, stable employment.

Characteristic of positions in this series is some knowledge of human anatomy and of embalming processes, and skill in dissecting procedures. The work of nutritionists emphasizes the social, economic, cultural, and psychological implications of food usually associated with public health care services or with vov assistance and research activities.


Also included are positions involving the operation of peripheral equipment when: Positions in this series involve a practical understanding of some of the principles, methods and techniques of psychology but do not require formal education in psychology.

Handbook of Occupational Groups and Families

Many positions in this series require specialized knowledge and skill in investigating and resolving allegations of discrimination. Work in this series primarily requires knowledge of criminal investigative techniques, rules of criminal procedures, laws, and precedent court decisions concerning the admissibility of evidence, constitutional rights, search and seizure, and related issues in the conduct of investigations.

The work involves any one or combination of the following functions: The major concern of such programs is the maintenance of environmental sanitation within acceptable levels of bacteriological, as well as visual cleanliness. Positions in this series can also involve the performance of light manual or mechanical work, or general office tasks of a simple and routine nature, or the operation of a motor vehicle.

Such relationships are considered primarily at the levels of individuals, populations, communities, and ecosystems. The investigation includes a report of the facts, conditions, and circumstances relating to each accident and fww6914 determination of the probable cause of the accident along with recommendations for wwa action designed to prevent similar accidents in the future.

This work requires knowledge of standardized processing and collection procedures to record tax information and knowledge of applicable portions of tax laws and tax rulings to accept, request proof of or reject a variety of taxpayer claims, credits and deductions.

Performance of the work requires a practical knowledge of normal and certain abnormal animal health conditions, agency policy and guidelines applicable to the work, and related animal health laws and regulations.

These positions require the ability to apply the specialized principles and practices of health care management in directing a health care delivery system. Positions are concerned with ogv leadership, advice, staff assistance, and consultation on health education programs. This includes the following: The work of the dietitian includes food service management, assessing nutritional needs of individuals or community groups, developing therapeutic diet plans, teaching the effects of nutrition on health, conducting research regarding the use of diet in the treatment of disease, or consulting on or administering a dietetic program.