December 5 at AM ·. This roof was refurbished .. DANOSA – IMPACTODAN 5. IMPACTODAN 5 is a cross-linked polyethylene foam sheet, 5 mm thick. Impactodan is a polyethylene membrane chemically reticulated with a closed-cell Depending on its thickness, 5 or 10 mm, Impactodan can improve insulation. PRESENTACION DENOMINACION IMPACTODAN 5 IMPACTODAM 10 ESPESOR EN mm 5 10 DIMENSIONES DEL ROLLO 2 X 50 m 2 X 25 m MODO DE.

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DidYouKnow that environmental certifications recognize a buildings environmental values and measure its building sustainability in all the phases of its imactodan cycle?

It is presented in cords shape of approximately 50 cm long and in various diameters. ReduceReuse and Recycle?

Pubs and restaurants can have a solution to develop their activity impactodna disturbing their neighbours. Used for soundproofing, thermal insulation and direct application for waterproofing. Thermal decomposition may produce fumes with carbon monoxide, that can ignite in presence of flames or infrared panels. To be mixed with coating: May In partnership with: Danosa adapts and engineers its materials so that they can obtain the maximum score in order to obtain certifications.



Find out how in this video! Therefore, do not expect any negative environmental effect. Black, Grey, Green, Red and Slate.

According to our experiences and information in our possession, the product has no adverse effect on health if properly handled according to transformation standard systems.

Its closed cell structure provides exceptional physical and mechanical properties.

Danosa Maxdan Caucho Description: Its impactodxn is guaran Image zoom Installation of Impactodan. It is a stable bituminous emulsion in dark brown colour and doughy consistency.

It has a compressive strength of 0. The best protection against noise between premises! Louisiana is a very humid state.

STRUCTURA :: Insulation ::

When manipulating hot product, wear protective clothing helmet, gloves, boots, etc. Maxdan is stable bituminous imppactodan and doughy consistency. Case study of the day! Depending on its thickness, 5 or 10 mm, Impactodan can improve insulation indexes by 18 and 22 dB, respectively. The mineral wool panel before pouring the concrete for the floating slab.



You can prevent it with a good waterproofing system protecting your home! September In partnership with: Reduce your energy bills with a proper thermal insulation! Prolonged exposure to hot fumes causes respiratory problems. Have a look to a project we recently worked on with CountyFlatRoofing! Here’s another amazing case study!

Our video case study of Trevisome Business Park!

The humidity has lots of bad impacts in our bodies. August Building Together with: