Omega is a book by Jack McDevitt that won the John W. Campbell Award, and was nominated for the Nebula Award in The mystery surrounding the. Having mastered the big, sprawling adventure stories called space opera in books like Chindi, McDevitt extends the form in this feel-good SF novel that earns. Omega (Academy, book 4) by Jack McDevitt – book cover, description, publication history.

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I enjoyed all pages. But the fact that McDevitt went this direction with his story — instead of one that satisfies, rather than denigrates, the value of science — gives the unfortunate impression that he doesn’t really value science, at least not as much as religion and its euphoric raptures.

McDevitt builds us up for final confrontation between Collingdale and the omega but just as it’s climaxing, McDevitt puts the scene “off camera”. Some readers might find Omega ‘s story truly uplifting.

Omega Book Summary and Study Guide

It is up to humanity to figure mcedvitt a way to save the Goompahs somehow, without violating the Protocol think Trek ‘s Prime Directive. The other problem is that the story tends to drag compared to the number of omga it presents.

Se i due contraenti non sono d’accordo mutualmente, tanti saluti. He has our heroes stage one phony divine miracle after another, and the Goompahs are saved, but only after an entire race of peaceable rationalists and empiricists is turned to cowering, weeping religious fanatics.

The cloud sucks them in and Kellie escapes, while asshole blows the ship up in the cloud. Well, no complaints there.

McDevitt, apparently remembering that a good chunk of hard SF’s readership does consist of scientific rationalists who might find all this appalling, has one of his characters voice a token moral objection to what has been done. To entertain as well as give one pause for thought, mark of a good book. Part of the rescue effort involves spaceships and gadgets, but the most serious part depends on human intelligence and passion.


But Omega kept me interested all the way through, and on the edge of my seat for the climax, and there are some surprisingly touching and emotionally effective moments in the interactions between the humans and the aliens.

Each book features numerous setbacks, in which a central character is killed by a natural disaster, eaten by indigenous wildlife on an alien planet, and so forth, but I generally found that, by the end of the book, I had forgotten all about them.

The leader of this ship is a major asshole. This page was last edited on 7 Octoberat This review has been hidden because it contains mcdeevitt.

Fiction Book Review: OMEGA by Jack McDevitt, Author . Ace $ (p) ISBN

Set some years after ChindiOmega has Priscilla “Hutch” Hutchins, now older and retired from the business of nonstop hairs-breadth rescues, entrenched in the life ojega the bureaucrat. The omega clouds, the inexplicable interstellar nanotech storms that travel throughout the galaxy, zeroing in on any civilization and eradicating it, are still years away from reaching Earth. However, it’s not due to arrive for nearly a thousand years, which robs the situation of much of its sense of urgency.

Thanks for telling us about the problem.

He decides to appear before her and tell her about the mcdeevitt, which is now visible to the Goompahs, and tell her to head to the hills and to tell everyone. The linguists get daily reports from the planet with recordings of conversation and start learning Goompah and become quite conversant in it.


So while some members of the team install devices to shield the isthmus under heavy storms, the rest of them install holographic projectors in key populated areas. Two more from the series to go. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Mcdevirt by Jack McDevitt. Campbell award and was nominated for the Nebula award.

Omega (Academy , book 4) by Jack McDevitt

That there is a purpose to existence. One drawback, besides the lack of time, is that there must be as little contact with the natives as possible, so as to prevent, or at least, minimize “culture shock”. As more is learned about the Omegas, mankind comes to believe jxck are not forces of nature but things constructed by an unknown entity. Bit unfortunate that it was up for the Nebula in competition with Lois McMaster Bujold’s Paladin of Souls, which is probably one of the best fantasy novels ever written.

Even the alien women are better than most of 2 Stars In about nine months, they will be hit by what may become a mass extinction event that could wipe out their race entirely, and the Academy has only a few ships within range.

And the cloud will reach them during this novel. From reading McDevitt’s previous novels, I know the man isn’t part of the anti-science fringe, who are currently championing all sorts of nonsense in America these days, whether it’s mcdevitt design” or climate change denial or what have you.