Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier, The Morning of the Magicians (Stein and .. enthusiastic study by Louis Powels and Jacques Bergier, which created an. English] The morning of the magicians: secret societies, conspiracies, and vanished civilizations / Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier ; translated from the. Ever Popular book that pretty much started a genre.

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I steeped myself to the very bone in a position of refusal.

Later on, inElster and Gaitel showed that it was enough to heat lime in vacuo to a dull red heat. We are conscious of this all the time, and have reached the point of rupture. One day I was looking for a scientific journalist to contribute to a cur- rent events series. It is the spiritual thirst for transcendence that was made extremely acute by the darkness of Holocaust and the H-bomb.

Indeed, perhaps this book would not have been written ifBergier and I had not on more than one occasion had an impression of being in contact — actually, physically — with another world.

The Morning of the Magicians

That which is effective in the physical sciences should be fruitful in the humanities — but there will be diffi- culties of application.

Despotopoulos, appealed to UNESCO in a manifesto demanding that scientific research should cease, or at least be kept secret. Obviously, common sense tells us, an object small enough to go through these holes will go through either one or the other.

Nevertheless, about the same time, a much more important and excit- ing drama than any in which the characters of Divorce or Le Lys Rouge The Red Lily were involved was being played out in the sphere of pure knowledge.

An international society of research workers who kept aloof from politics would have every chance ofbeing undetected; and the same would apply to a society that confined its interventions to a few very spe- cial cases. I have always been seeking for, as Rimbaud expressed it, the “Truth in a soul and a body.

One can feel in the book the bitter taste of postwar nihilism and at the same time an unparallel necessity and tendency for renewal and progress. I spent my time listing the crimes committed by the modern mind against Mind. But new experiences were beginning for me and this is what I explained to read- ers of that book on taking my leave of them.


Per tutta una vita il figlio volle allontanarsene, salvo poi ritornarci con ardore. The American bdrgier, James Blish. Farrell Next Post There is no proof too much exercise will kill you: While it really offers no answers or conclusions to the questions it poses, this is a great book.

Serge Hutin reminds us today: We are no longer living in an age where progress is assessed exclusively in terms of technical and scientific advances. He knows that discoveries only make the mystery deeper.

In fact, I possessed jacquee except the illusion of possessing, and an overwhelming contempt for those who did not share my illusion.

The literary philosophers had been telling us that man is incapable of under- standing the world. Live in this world with- out being of it. The frontier had slipped its position because of the fog. Something similar happened to me when I was a Gurdjieff disciple.

jacuqes God knows how to classify this popular melange of rumor, history and invention about the weird, the sinister and the occult.

It has not been sufficiently proclaimed that the flame of genius during those years rose to greater heights than at any period since the miracle of Greece.

Full text of “Louis Pauwels, Jacques Bergier Morning Of The Magicians”

Destiny Books Mornong Length: I’m not one of those writers who pauwelx to keep their readers with them as long as possible and lull them to sleep. It is perhaps to a similar conclusion, arrived at centuries ago by men of superior intelligence, that we owe the legend, if not the fact vergier the Rosicrucian sect.

Too bergieg modernism separates us from the past; a little futurism brings us nearer to it. May my struggle bring peace to his ashes long since scattered in the thought that “matter is no more than one of the masks worn by the Great Visage.

In order to define completely a particle, mornimg dimension, which cannot be expressed in words, had to be allowed for. It seems as long as you bash those horrible Natzis all critical thinking goes out the window. One has only to think of a discus- sion between doctors by a patient’s bed in a hospital, not a word of which, though clearly audible, can be understood by the sick man; the point of my argument will then be readily grasped without it being necessary to confuse the issue by talking about occultism, initiation, etc.


Our mandarins refuse to make the effort not because effort as such intimidates them but because they prefer their present modes of thinking, pauwls present values.

In the aging Wells wrote, in despair: Are we talking about absurdities? We must therefore proceed by projecting ourselves farther and farther into space and time instead of making trivial comparisons within an infinitely small period where the past we have just been living in bears no resemblance to the future, and where the present has no sooner come into being than it is swallowed up by this unusuable past.

The Morning of the Magicians – Wikipedia

In conclusion it’s an interesting and thought-provoking book that has a lot to say even now. It has received only its primary instruction on the role assigned to it by the Intelligence of the Universe. Neither did the editor of Fortune, for his part, foresee any change in the structure of society in the U. I had mostly just thought to give The Morning of the Magicians a one-star rating and move on.

All the same, it’s kind of an interesting, “creative” read even if you you have to take it with a heaping pile of salt. He belonged to the old bourgeoisie of Ghent. Jun 19, Jeff Johnston rated it it was ok. Take it with a grain of salt– but as an exercise in creating an alternate worldview, this book can be highly entertaining.

It sounds crazy, but the experiment has been made.