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nwruto Naruto is brought to Tsunade and her disciples Shizune and Sakurabut of the trio Sakura is the only one who still has enough chakra to use medical ninjutsu. As Kakashi rallies to Obito’s side, the latter declares that the legend could now witness the power of a paired Sharingan.

Elsewhere a desperate Karin is able to manifest the Uzumaki chains and decimate parts of Tobi ‘s statue. Finally arriving to Sasuke ‘s side, Orochimaru and Taka discover that the mysterious man is Kabuto — who was finally able to break Itachi ‘s Izanami by finding his true self. As he laughs over finally getting his hands on Yin-Kurama, Narutl arrives to where Minato and the others jomik and states that Black Zetsu was taking too long so he decided to come himself.

As the other sensor-type ninja detect Naruto’s presence, Hinata sees Naruto’s failing heartbeat and rushes to his side, only to stumble and fall due to her low chakra levels. For chapterhead to The Beginning of the Crimson Spring. Despite being impaled by wooden stakesKarin merely bites herself to recover from the injuries. Worrying that the mysterious person intends to do harm to Sasuke, Karin presses on ahead.

This lead Shukaku to notice that the kanji for the word “love” which was craved on Gaara’s forehead was actually a combination for the kanji for “acceptance” and “heart”. Meanwhile, Sasuke prepares to reenter the fray atop Garuda and recalls Hashirama noting that he would give him a technique that would work against Madara in his current state.


Elsewhere, Sasuke clings to consciousness by remembering his resolve to honour his brother ‘s sacrifice and to change the shinobi world, but his energy fades as Madara walks away from him.

However before Sasuke can land any kind of attack, the young Uchiha finds himself suspended in midair. Guy opens the seventh gate and attacks Madara with a powerful punchbut to no avail.

Naruto and the Sage of Six Paths…!! Ignoring Tobirama’s cries to stop, Madara drives the sword through Sasuke’s chest, expressing his disappointment in the young Uchiha whom he deemed to have had given more than enough time to do something.

As the Uchiha begins to boast, Naruto and Kurama lead the counter-attack on Madara by giving him a serious tail-whipping. Though somewhat hesitant at first, Sasuke eventually presents himself to the incapacitated God of Shinobi, who gives him what is left of his chakra to stop Madara.

As Naruto lies dying, Sakura continues to use medical ninjutsu on him to no effect. Unaffected by these harsh words, the clone soon tells Madara that all was being taken care of on their side.


Narrowly escaping Tobirama ‘s attackMadara seemingly gains the upper hand on the Second Hokage only for him to disappear from sight before launching a follow up attack, giving Gaara enough time to escape with Naruto.

Meanwhile, Orochimaru and his team take cover, planning a surprise attack on Narugo.

Readjusting his strategy after contemplating his minion’s words, Madara turns his focus on the One-Tail. As Gaara anchors Sakura with his sand and begins moving faster, Sakura switches her tactics and after making an incision in Naruto’s chest, begins to manually pump his komiik, and performs CPRadamant that Naruto is not going to die on her watch. As the White Zetsu Army clone decries Gaara’s actions — having protected the creature which caused him to suffer for so long, and also that Gaara won’t die even if Shukaku is sealed in the Demonic Statue — Madara equips his Susanoo and launches one of its swords at Gaara.


Komik Naruto Shippuden Chapter « Baca Komik

On the other side of the battlefield, Kakashi and Minato still fight Black Zetsu until Minato’s half of Kurama urges him to sense around.

As Kakashi and Minato realise that Obito has finally regained a sense of himself, Madara tries to take his left eye but his outstretched hand phases through him. March 3, ISBN As Madara berates Tobirama, who was once renowned as the fastest shinobi in the world, driving one of the stakes into the Second’s head, the Uchiha shares his viewpoint komok again before Tobirama makes a last-ditch effort to attack Madara, providing Sasuke with an naruot to swoop in.

In the real world, Kakashi is saved from Madara’s attack thanks to Guy.


However, Madara escapes with the aid of his Susanooonly mere moments before the sealing was completed. Using his medical ninjutsu along with his knowledge about Hashirama’s cells, Kabuto begins treating Sasuke under the instruction of Tobirama.

Ordering Kakashi to teleport Naruto 6558 the other dimensionObito tries to go there himself but Madara manages to stop him by sending one of the mysterious orbs flying towards him. Though Madara tried to trivialise Guy’s incoming onslaught as nothing more than leaves that fall and rot in autumn, Guy corrected him, declaring that those leaves would become nourishment for the new leaves on the tree before reaching his target and attacking him baruto the Evening Elephant.

Shukaku tells Kurama not naryto fret over one human, leading the fox to tell the tanuki never to underestimate Madara.