Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. With her father imprisoned, year-old Meredith thinks she : Such a Pretty Girl eBook: Laura Wiess: Kindle Store. Laura Wiess. Welcome to the Asylum. Such a Pretty Girl. “Tough, darkly humorous, yet achingly vulnerable. A nail-biter of an ending.” — Kirkus starred review. The Such a Pretty Girl Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography and.

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The journey, the choices, the use of flashbacks, and the two main characters making similar cold blooded and calculated decisions on avenging their abuse. In order to escape Charles, Merideth attempts to run away several times.

Careful flashbacks prevent the book from devolving into voyeurism, but Meridith’s proactive solution to her father’s abuse sets a questionable example to young adult readers. Oct 28, Michelle Llewellyn rated it did not like it. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Such a Pretty Girl

May 07, Angie rated it it was amazing Shelves: They brought the story to life. It’s a great book about an ugly subject but the author handled the subject matter with a lot of grace.

We don’t see what we should see because having anyone is still supposedly better than being alone. She doesn’t take the easy way out rather she fights it. The romance kind of rubbed me the wrong way too and I thought it would have been better if they were just friends. New Jersey teenager Meredith was supposed to have nine years of safety from her father, so she’d be eighteen and out of the house when he was released from prison. Reading Meredith’s story also made me rethink my kids at work.


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At the end of the book, Wiess writes about a documentary that partly inspired her to write the book. So our babies end up screwed up and screwed with because no we’re single again, too, so we’re bringing home guys who secretly like pink satin baby skin more than gigl silvery stretch marks. She was promised nine years of safety, but received only three: I do know that this was not the main part of the book but I would have loved to read that.

Meredith puts herself at risk but emerges unscathed, and the possible grave consequences are nearly unmentioned.

Book: Such a Pretty Girl

Sep 11, Juushika rated it liked it Shelves: I picked it up on a whim the other day and devoured it. She has Andy’s mother, who moved across the street from Meredith’s family just to keep other children from the horror from which she couldn’t protect Andy. And then there’s Andy. And to top it off it has one of my favorite last lines ever.

What’s the point of obsessing eiess cholesterol or bike helmets or even cigarettes when the biggest threats to our children are being released back into society every day? Why doesn’t she suggest that the daughter live at her ppretty before her dad gets out of jail? Price may vary by retailer. However, if this harrowing story is supposed to be inspiring or profound, I worry about the message that it leaves with the reader. That the world is made of unicorn poop with suchh and those big bad wolfs were just fiction.

As soon as Meredith sees her father again she knows that nothing has changed. She’s an expert at crafting layered, hard-hitting stories. Why would you want someone to run away so much? gil


Lots of people make mistakes and no one tells on them! Meredith lives through nightmares unimaginable, more than any year-old should ever have to live through.


What in the ever loving hell is wrong with this mother? But three years later, when Meredith is fifteen, her father gets out for good behavior. He’s not supposed to be left alone with her under any circumstances, yet he finds a way to make that happen. View all 4 comments.

Every chapter she is running away. But to Meredith’s horror, he is released after only Although this book deals with a dark and demented issue, its style, readability, and theme of justice made it impossible for me to put down. Is Such a Pretty Girl a true story? This one is a bit dark and heavy to tackle. Because he’s no longer wheelchair bound and is now free to date other girls in their full upright position.

Meredith’s reaction is just a little bit different. View all 25 comments. View all 7 comments. You can’t help but hate to love him, or love to hate.

I know that statutory rape would be much different from Meredith’s dad, but the whole situation still made me extremely uncomfortable, especially when Andy and Meredith did anything intimate, even if that wasn’t very prevalent.

An amazing debut novel for Ms. Where did you get the idea for aiess story? And I don’t want to hurt anymore. It was strange and quite frankly, out of place. But to Meredith’s horror, he is released after only three years pretyt “good behavior.