LMCCN Datasheet, LMCCN National Semiconductor CMOS Quad Op- Amp Datasheet, buy LMCCN. See the LMC datasheet for a dual CMOS operational amplifier with these same features. Features . M DIP. LMCAIN. LMCCN. Rail. N14A. LMC See the LMC datasheet for a dual CMOS operational . LMCCN .. Reproduction of TI information in TI data books or data sheets is permissible only if.

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TI has a useful site for comparing op-amps. Cheap, small, and available from Digi-Key.

LMCCN 데이터시트(PDF) – TI store

The MAX is convenient because it is readily available and requires no external capacitors. The following table lists recommended flash-programmable PIC chip parts.

Maxim makes many digital pots, including audio taper. Prices are from Digi-Key unless Jameco number listed. Prices listed are for singles, DIP pkg, datasheet of May, more or less. For example, if you supply a non R-to-R op-amp off 0 and 5 V supplies, the useable output swing will be 1.


Quad, V supply, 20mA output current, output swing: Pre-amp circuits driven by low-noise, ease of use.

LMCCN (NSC) PDF技术资料下载 LMCCN 供应信息 IC Datasheet 数据表 (5/12 页)

When checking for R-to-R, check if spec’ed for input, output or both. Prices are for single quantity from Digi-Key. For development, use C compiler from CCS http: Single, V supply, 5. Good choice for cost, ease-of-use. Jameco has lower prices than Digi-Key, but Digi-Key has wider selection Op-Amps Considerations are noise matters for audio and high amplification circuitsoffset voltage, slew-rate matters for high frequency and pulse circuitsquiescent current matters for battery-operatedoperating voltage matters for battery operatedsingle or dual supply most modern circuits require single supplyrail-to-rail, output current.

Power amplifier circuits are all about power. For these, the input typically includes the minus rail, but only to 1.

LMC660CN PDF Datasheet浏览和下载

Quad, rail-to-rail output, V supply, 1. You need low noise for the headstage. Non rail-to-rail op-amps can only get to within about 1. The easiest way to clock a PIC chip is with a ceramic resonator. Quad, rail-to-rail output, 2.


Maxim makes these in lmc660vn, many flavors. For even lower noise, try OP, but you will have to pay more. Many R-to-R op-amps are R-to-R on the output only. Lots to choose from. Can find lots of hobby-level info with a good Google search.

Quad, low noise, rail-to-rail output, 4.

Specs to look for: Microchip PIC chip microcontrollers. Use 4 MHz unless speed is an issue. Note that resonators do not have tight frequency specs.